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a rousing piece of Americana…a minor masterpiece, revelatory, weird and somehow at bottom uplifting.                                                                                                                   Southern Oregon Mail Tribune

a visual feast of eye-popping autos, including a street-legal hamburger and a motorcycle that looks like a red stiletto, but the film is really not about the cars themselves. It is about the fascinating people behind the wheels, and the transformative process by which an ordinary car becomes an extraordinary statement of self.   Ashland Daily Tidings

a celebration of American ingenuity, creativity and — not to put too fine a point on it — eccentricity…
That is also what "Automorphosis" does — inspires viewers to find beauty in the intersection of the bizarre and the banal that is the essence of every Art Car.                                                                                                                               Tulsa World

Art Cars symbolize personal liberation in "Automorphosis."  Outwitting Madison Avenue, these free thinkers turn old cars into utterly unique emblems of identity.                                                                 St. Louis Dispatch

possibly the most loveable — which is not to say cutesy — documentary I have ever seen!        The Portland Sentinel

That's what I took away from this film, not the parade floats or advert cars, not vehicles that are truly obvious in hindsight, but the unique visions of dedicated individuals that are both outsider art and a much needed affirmation that originality isn't dead.                                                                                                        Apocalypse Later

Automorphosis is a brilliantly entertaining look at the world of art cars; and I'd be surprised if you didn't leave this doco feeling like it's time you did some work on your own motor.                           TVNZ Entertainment News

I can almost guarantee you that you will leave the theatre with a smile after this movie.  SBCC Film Reviews


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