Movies by Harrod Blank

Wild Wheels
WILD WHEELS is filmmaker Harrod Blank’s comic and revealing exploration of Art Cars, personally customized automobiles which reflect the individualistic spirit of their drivers. Traveling across the country in his own wildly decorated VW bug, Blank discovers a memorable cast of real-life characters who are obsessed with transforming their cars into mobile works of art. 1992 – 64 minutes

The DVD features 2 disks!
Two versions of the movie, in Spanish and English with closed captioning & extra footage, slide shows, and director’s commentary in English and Spanish.

DRIVING THE DREAM – Harrod Blank, who introduced the world to the art car with his movable epic Wild Wheels, is back with an in-depth look at the personalities behind these multi-wheeled works of art. This time, he focuses on Gene Pool’s Grass Bus, Harry Sperl’s Hamburger Harley, Hyler Bracey’s horn and whistle adorned Bighorn, and his own two vehicles, Oh My God! and the one-of-a-kind Camera Van. 1998 – 29 minutes

Roland drives a dada art gallery on wheels and attracts more girls than he knows what to do with. Unfortunately, they seldom stick around. Can it be his chicken imitations? His dead animal skulls? His green body make-up? Can a handsome boy who feels like a Martian find happiness with earth girls? And if not, then with who? Or what? ©1987 – 30 minutes